Coming Soon.....Dads Kitchen


I'm not a chef and these aren't my recipes, but then again is anything truly original these days?

I feel these are all 'Dad proof'! Even a complete numbty can follow these instructions and be a once a week kitchen hero, just like me!

I've tweeked a few here and there but I'll always credit the origin of a recipe if there is an obvious one.


I like to cook. Not all the time but I do enjoy it.

I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist in most areas of life. Oddly though when it comes to cooking I’m much more laid back. I guess it’s because I’ve had Jamie Oliver rammed down my throat for so long and judging by our bookshelf I’ve helped to fund his lifestyle considerably.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll follow a recipe, but when it comes to measurements I prefer to use ‘craftsman’s eye’ wherever possible. This doesn’t apply to baking. Baking is a science, therefore I don’t bake, ever.


There are some very simple principles to make me a happy chef: One big pan, one big knife. Done.

It’s all about the preparation before battle. Chop it all up and assign everything to little bowls with military precision.


I’m going to add recipes on this page of ‘Dads dinners’ including:


Mad Dog Chilli

Bad Ass Spag Bol

5 Layer Lasagne

N’s 8 Veg Cottage Pie

The Best Bacon Cheese Burger

G's Bacon & Cheese Hot Dog

Insanity Yorkshire Puddings

One-cup pancakes

Maggies Mash


Plus snack suggestions from the ‘full pack’ range:


Full pack Bacon Rolls

Full pack Ciabatta Fish Finger Rolls

G’s full-on  Chocolate Fridge Cake

G’s Cheesy Jackets


The 'full pack' principle hails from years of frustration when visiting the fridge or freezer to find a packet containing one tenth of its original content!

To quote the classic Disney movie 'Lilo & Stitch': "Ohana; no one gets left behind". This applies to single fish fingers and lonely single rashers of bacon. Not on my watch! Full pack opened, full pack used.