September 😫

Posted on 8th September, 2016


The beginning of September is generally un-good. 

Holidays are over, the new school term starts and I feel like posting a Facebook photo of myself, stood by the front door, new uniform and shiny shoes on, looking tanned but  thoroughly hacked off at the thought of returning to work! 

After two weeks of blissful sunshine, sea, gorgeous food and relaxation (plus extreme frisbee poolside and knee high in sea water versions) it is sadly back to reality. 

Much education was gleaned in sunny Spain, as always for a sceptical, sarcastic, OCD maniac like myself:

I've learned some new Spanish; "Antenna brokio" - this apparently means part of your wi-fi isn't working. 

"Grill terminado" - yep, you guessed it, oven is knackered. 

My sign language was put to the test too, when I had to deal with a seemingly mute Spanish electrician. Complete with a small blackboard and chalk to communicate these important words to me before leaving: 7 - 8. I was puzzled as to the meaning, was it hours or days? 

Other useful new knowledge:

Spaniards are more organised than us. It's not uncommon to see families with chairs, tables and washing up the beach!

Chicken nuggets are universally recognised and available on all kids menus worldwide. 

If you are stupid and cruel enough to tease a bull by a jetty you can expect, at the very least, to get wet. At worst, get your ass kicked. 

There are no undamaged cars anywhere in Spain. 

It is acceptable to eat ice cream more than once a day and before mid day. 


Back to the UK. Back to work. Back to school for 'G'. New, big school!!

I was disappointed to find her new biometric, cashless catering system isn't quite as 'Blade Runner' as I was expecting. I had visions of her taking her Carbon Fiber tray to a payment point where Sigourny Weavers voice would announce "Identification" and encourage her to place her thumb on an illuminated pad. The thumb part is a reality however,; both of them, presumably just in case one thumb is 'declined'. 

Another new, scary development is the school bus. Turns out that it's all very organised and efficient so far. Apart that is from the bus pass photograph. 

Being  perfectionists we got a stunningly perfect photograph. Hair, lighting, background, you name it. Only for the card process to squeeze and stretch it into an irregular box so she looks like she's been smashed in the face with a paella pan! 

Never mind. Looking forward to the next holiday.............BD




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