A Hole In Space And Time.

Posted on 31st July, 2016

With 'G' finished at primary school I now have a big fat hole in my afternoon. Having been the main picker upper for years I'm now in possession of an extra couple of hours at my disposal. What to do?

I'm contemplating re joining the gym. But with at least a three year absence there is only one prediction: Pain!

I train with weights and there really is no easy way to gently get your body back into that. It's going to hurt and there's no getting around it. 

Had a nice work out in the form of Extreme Frisbee this afternoon. After nearly suffering a broken nose at the hands of a 'Headshot' from 'G' last week, we took it to a park today and added a new level: 'Extreme Frisbee Chaos'.....

Four + players, two frisbee's in play at once. You need your wits about you as the disc can be coming from anywhere. Much fun was had, thanks guys. When my GoPro arrives we're definately going to add some action clips to the site. 



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