End Of An Era

Posted on 20th July, 2016

End of an era indeed! This week has been the last week at primary school for my young Padwan.

We have had the year 6 leaver’s party and the end of year ‘production’. The leavers assembly is one I just can not face but I’m sure the emotions will still be running high at ‘quitting time’ on Thursday. Hopefully it will be very sunny so I can wear my shades and shed a tear without having to hand in my Man Card!


We’ve had weeks of weird and wonderful fund raising to put on a decent party, buy legacy gifts for the school plus various gifts for teachers and other staff.

I don’t recall any of this when I was her age but then obviously I only saw it from the kids perspective and it was all taken for granted and unnoticed. Growing up in a village with a large primary and secondary school, when I went through this process I knew virtually all my friends were going with me to the next stage. This is not the case for ‘G’. Only two others are going on to the same secondary school and I feel for her.


I will miss the interaction at ‘quitting time’. I’ll even miss racing to the car park early to guarantee ‘pole position’ parking in my favourite low risk space. Although I generally avoided the cliques of the school playground I have made a few friends and usually always saw the same faces at any kind of fund raising activity or event. A truly lovely village school, we couldn’t have hoped for a better start to our daughter’s academic life. She has made some wonderful friends, as have we in their parents and in this age of social media I hope we all keep in touch.


Thanks to you all and God bless you St Michaels School Stewkley.


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I will miss this school as I was there too. I would like to ask where that "pole position" was. I have still got one sister at that school so it could become useful sometime soon!

Thanks for your comment 'epic'
'Pole Position' is at the village hall car park. It is the last lengthways space before the exit slope. It's the space with the least risk of SMPCDD: 'school mum pushchair and car door damage' as there are no adjacent spaces. 😬