Supermarket Bingo...

Posted on 5th July, 2016

Supermarket bingo is a Bored Dad pastime recently invented to enhance the dullest of necessities; the supermarket shop.

Basically, just like bingo, it involves a card with a number of boxes to check off.

The content of the boxes is where the offensive stereotyping comes into play!

The object of the game is to complete your card by spotting all the sights and checking off each box, then shouting ‘Bingo!’ Simple.

The bingo cards could differ depending on the supermarket in question. Difficulty could be gauged on which supermarket too. One in particular, which I will not name, could fill a card within minutes.

Here are some examples of box entries: 

  • Person wearing tracksuit/shell suit with easily visible bum cleavage.
  • Person with a basket containing only alcohol.
  • Morbidly obese person badly navigating a mobility trolley around the aisles.
  • Family totally ignoring a child screaming at the top of its lungs.
  • Person happily browsing the aisles whilst eating/drinking an item not yet paid for.
  • Person waiting at the discount shelf for updated bargains.
  • Man performing a high speed ‘J turn’ with their trolley.
  • Staff pushing empty trolleys around, reeking of BO.
  • Couple having a loud public argument
  • Person spending far too long browsing the wine section.
  • Person giving an expert wine tutorial loudly to his/her friend.
  • People politely ‘giving way’ at aisle junctions.
  • Rejected child’s toy oddly located in the frozen foods section.
  • Cordoned off area with toxic looking liquid all over the floor.
  • Wandering unaccompanied child.
  • Red faced, high speed panicking parent.
  • ‘One Basket Workout Guy’ (I’m guilty of this one whenever I do a lone speed shop with an unfeasibly heavy basket)

Etiquette should be followed when playing this game. Try to avoid letting your child or yourself excitedly announce the sighting of one of the spectacles. Pointing, fist pumps and cheers should also be avoided if you wish to complete your shopping experience without being evicted.


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Ha ha ha! Very funny! I'm going to play it next time I go to the supermarket! 😂😂😂 G xxx